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Carton Erector

Publish Date 2016-02-29

1. According to customer needs, configure the appropriate corresponding machine production lines color;
2. Lightweight, pulleys complement, displacement and flexible, easier installation and commissioning;
3. Vertical cardboard storage mode, and ready to add carton board, without downtime, more time, more packaging;
4. This box machine design: a complete carton suction box, out of the box, forming, folding the bottom, back and other packaging processes.
5. Fora variety of sizes of cartons automatic box back, for converting carton size, you can manually adjust the time required for 1-2 minutes;
6. The box machine can stand-alone operation, but also with supporting the use of automated packaging line;
7. The stability of the box machine performance, reliable quality, applicability, high packing efficiency, long service life;
8. high degree of automation: automatic box, under the cover automatically converted, self-sealing tape under the bottom, the machine uses PLC + display control, greatly facHlitate the operation, is essential for automated mass production line equipment.
9. The mechanical properties of precision and durable, structural design tight, no vibration during operation, stable and reliable operation;
10. Equipped with blade guards, to prevent accidental operation stabbed, safe production and efficient packaging.
Product parameters:
Unpacking speed: 10-12 boxes / min
Scratch carton quantity: 100pcs (1000mm)
Carton Size: L: 200-450 W: 150-400 H: 100-350mm
Use Power: 220V / 380V 50Hz

Necessary air pressure: 6kg / cm
Air consumption: 450NL / min
Mechanical Dimensions: L2000 × W1900 × H1450mm
Machine weight: 400kg
Tape dimensions: 48-75mm
Note: The company can design and produce non-standard according to customer requirements

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