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This company is the physical distribution automation expulsion system and the conveyor correlation spare parts specialized production enterprise. The company technical force is abundant, has one group of high quality professionals. In absorbs the domestic and foreign same profession vanguard technology in the foundation, carries on the technological innovation unceasingly, the improvement production craft, designs the most economical reasonable physical distribution plan for the customer plan, is deep the customer high praise. Our physical distribution system uses the leather belt, the flat topping link joint, models the steel mesh belt, the drum, transportation carriers and so on chain link, has the straight line conveyer, climbs the conveyer, various types curve conveyer, the screw lift and conveyer, the clamp type promotion conveyer, turns over the conveyer, vertical elevator and so on ......The product widely applies in food, the drink, the beer, the drugs manufacture, the cosmetics, the meats processing, the aquatic product processing, professions and so on fruits and vegetables processing.The company receives” the innovation, strives for realism, the good faith, continues forever” the management idea, the positive development, the true realization altogether wins service idea.


Spiral conveyer
Spiral conveyer
Spiral conveyer
Spiral conveyer
Hill climbing conveyer
Hill climbing conveyer
  • Shanghai Conveyor Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • Shanghai Qingpu area Chinese
  • 201708
  • 86-021-39529710
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  • David (Sells manager)
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